Raspberry Pi Notes

So there are a few big issues with Raspberry pi’s printer array and raspberry pi scalability.

  1. Remote shell
    This is needed for remote updates and status monitoring.

  2. Make and restore images using dd
    Then all you have to do is change a few variables so the device has a different name. Not too complicated much faster than doing installations.
    Use /dev/rdisk its about 20x faster than /dev/disk. By doing
    sudo dd bs=4m if=sdimg2.dmg | pv | sudo dd bs=4m of=/dev/rdisk2 you can monitor progress.

  3. SD cards can get corrupt! And they do! Often!
    Since my pi’s are screen-less, we don’t shut them down by logging out of the OS. We just unplug them. This can cause SD card corruption. Apparently this can happen less often is you make a part of the OS read-only. I have not yet managed to do this. There are tutorial but nothing simple. I have lost quite a few SD cards that now simply don’t work anymore even when reformatted etc… so always back up using dd so you can create a new one.

Good luck…


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