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Technical Co-Founder of VoicePolls, hacker, entrepreneur, programmer, scientist and world traveller.

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Fullscreen vimeo

If anyone else needs to know how to put a fullscreen vimeo video on squarespace here is a little gist.

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Node.js in production

Just a quick word about running node.js in production on AWS elastic beanstalk.

By far the biggest timesaver was to implement this

Coming from php where deployments where under 3 minutes they had shot up to 15 minutes. This was unacceptable and was due to npm running every time.

The author made a repo here with all of his tweek to the AWS startup scripts. Pick and choose those you need and it will save you lots of time!

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I havn’t blogged in a while!

I have discovered so many new techs over the last few years. I can’t wait to start blogging about them. Stay tuned for updates on node, express, backbone etc…

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