iCantHear.org | My first not-for-profit app  

I built this to communicate with my 89 year old aunt who lost her hearing after a shell fell a few blocks from her house in Antwerp during WW2.

This app uses the built-in iOS speech-to-text functionality and streams the text instantly to a unique URL. This allows you to have communication with a deaf person in a much simpler way than using notes, or other speech-to-text apps that are not specifically designed for this purpose. Text automatically clears after a 2 second pause, resulting in almost natural conversations. Font size can be adjusted to be really large if needed. The app can also translate on-the-fly (beta feature).

This app REQUIRES a second device and internet access on BOTH. Can be a computer, smartphone, smartTV or tablet.

This does not work on devices without speech-to-text i.e. prior to iPhone 5

ATTENTION multi-language users: for example if your keyboard is QUERTY the speech-to-text will expect english, if it is AZERTY it will expect french etc… get it wrong and you might have the impression this app does not work at all.

Hopefully this is useful to others.


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